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ArticlesGolf is a blog about real estate. It provides both residential and commercial real estate information for bloggers and other related users. It gives them the tools they need to market themselves, including an easy-to-use blog platform, 100% control of their blog’s design and content, plus access to our comprehensive knowledge base on marketing and analytics. ArticlesGolf puts in place tools and services that help market your blog, increase traffic, build brand awareness and deliver more leads. With ArticlesGolf you can build your own online store, create social media marketing strategies, create advertising campaigns and view which of your posts are most popular on the site. The ArticlesGolf platform provides real-time news and analysis on a wide range of topics related to real estate. Bloggers can read more than 100 articles every day, from both local and national sources. The immensely popular blog is also a great source for information on mortgages, finance, property tax, rental markets and other topics. ArticlesGolf has the largest database of real estate bloggers to offer their readers the most relevant information and offers blogging tools to improve the blogging experience. Bloggers can also use it as a platform to distribute their content more effectively and attract more followers, while reaching new audiences with their topics.

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